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4 Bobs Voti
Qualità su una buona giornata: 2.0
Coerenza del surf: 3.0
Livello di difficoltà: 1.0
Folle: 4.0

Overall: 2.5

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4 Bobs Spot ID

Surf default break image

Tipo: reef

Affidabilità: fairly consistent

Best: Swell SW | Wind N

Sea Temperature Today is: 29.8 °C

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Thursday, 19 July 2018, 13:11 Local time
Giovedì 19
Wave (m) 2.5
Periodo (s) 19 18 18 18
Vento (km/h) 15
SE 15
SSE 10
SSE 10
Stato del vento cross-
on on

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4 Bobs in Sumatra (Mentawi Islands) is an exposed reef break that has reasonably consistent surf. May-Oct (Dry Season) is the best time of year for waves. Offshore winds blow from the east southeast. Groundswells more frequent than windswells and the best swell direction is from the southwest. A reef breaks right. Good surf at all stages of the tide. Relatively few surfers here, even on good days. Rocks are a hazard.

Indonesia energia delle onde da surf 12 ora previsioni

Previsioni Energia d'onda (Potenza): 12hrs

Tide Times:

For Rifles (Kandui Right), 2 km from 4 Bobs.

IS AT (local time)

4 Bobs Tide Times and Tide Chart

Live Weather:

At ASCAT100E1S, 54 km from 4 Bobs.

moderate winds from the SE

Air temperature
- °C

Current weather near 4 Bobs

Overall 4 Bobs Surf Consistency and Wind Distribution in Luglio

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