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Hanalei Bay Voti
Qualità su una buona giornata: 4.8
Coerenza del surf: 3.7
Livello di difficoltà: 4.0
Wind e kite surf: 1.0
Folle: 1.6

Overall: 3.4

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Hanalei Bay Spot ID

Hanalei Bay photo

Hanalei Bay

Photo credit: Rob Davies

Hanalei Bay Inside photo

Hanalei Bay

Photo credit: Rob Davies

Popular Spot, Hanalei Bay photo

Hanalei Bay

Photo credit: Rob Davies

Tipo: reef and point

Affidabilità: consistent

Best: Swell N | Wind SSE

Sea Temperature Today is: 27.1 °C

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 19:48 Local time
Martedì 18Mer
Wave (m) 1.5
Periodo (s) 7 7 7 7
Vento (km/h) 15
E 15
E 10
E 10
Stato del vento cross-

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Hanalei Bay in Kauai is an exposed reef and point break that has consistent surf, although summer tends to be mostly flat. The best wind direction is from the south southeast. Tends to receive distant groundswells and the optimum swell angle is from the north. There is a right hand reef break Good surf at all stages of the tide. A popular wave that can get growded. Beware of locals and sharks.

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LUpload yourphoto cof analei Bay /a>

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(< href="/preaks/Hadeaways">Hideaways
(Sccndaclaosst wocalità surf
(< href="/preaks/Hinetrees">Pinetrees
(Tird_claosst wocalità surf
(< href="/preaks/Haikokos">Waikokos
(Fourh claosst wocalità surf
(< href="/preaks/Hannons">Cannons
(Fifh claosst wocalità surf
(< href="/preaks/Hunnels">Tunnels
slass="citaext>Onda Bboeepiù vicnea aHanalei Bay :/h3>(Closst wnda Bboa/ab
(< href="/proys"/BUOY-51208/hourl">Hanalei ,Kauai HaI/oa
(Sccndaclaosst wnda Bboa/ab
(< href="/proys"/BUOY-51201/hourl">Haimea RBy ,KaI/oa
(Tird_claosst wnda Bboa/ab
(< href="/proys"/BUOY-51212/hourl">HarbaersPoint< Buoy,Kaulaeloa/oa
(Fourh claosst wnda Bboa/ab
(< href="/proys"/BUOY-51211/hourl">HPer tHanrbod Enreance,KaI/oa
  • (Fifh claosst wnda Bboa/ab
  • (< href="/proys"/BUOY-51210/hourl">HKaneoe sBy ,KWETS,KaI/oa
    slass="citaext>OStazonei dimargeacpiù vicnea ala lanalei Bay :/h3>(Closst wargeacutazonee/ab
    (< href="/ttps://""Hanalei-Bay.-auai -sland<-andt ctides/latest">rel="pnofllow ">analei Bay ,Kauai island
    (Sccndaclaosst wargeacutazonee/ab
    (< href="/ttps://""HKapaatides/latest">rel="pnofllow ">Kapaa/oa
    (Tird_claosst wargeacutazonee/ab
    (< href="/ttps://""HanalmauluBay.-auai -sland<-andt ctides/latest">rel="pnofllow ">analmauluBay ,Kauai island
    (Fourh claosst wargeacutazonee/ab
    (< href="/ttps://""HNawiitwiit-andt ctides/latest">rel="pnofllow ">Nawiitwiit/oa
    (Fifh claosst wargeacutazonee/ab
    (< href="/ttps://""Haimea-Ray.-auai -sland<-andt ctides/latest">rel="pnofllow ">aimea RBy ,Kauai island
    OStazonei scicstichecpiù vicnea ala lanalei Bay :/h3>(Closst wAgeacucicstica/ab
    (< href="/ttp://<>rel="pnofllow ">M wAshand a/div>
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    (< href="/ttp://>rel="pnofllow ">M wShst.a/a> a/div>
    (Tird_claosst wAgeacucicstica/ab
    (< href="/ttp://>rel="pnofllow ">Stoera Muntrain SkiwAgea/a> a/div>
    (Fourh claosst wAgeacucicstica/ab
    (< href="/ttp://" cel="pnofllow ">Royal Gore"/a> a/div>
    (Fifh claosst wAgeacucicstica/ab
    (< href="/ttp://>rel="pnofllow ">Soda Srintgs/a> a/div>
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    (Miitandi Towna/div>
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    slass="citaext>OAirorts(Te slaosst wpss=engra airortsto ranalei Bay is aLihue Airorts (LIH)asn Usa Kauai isla., 31 km (19 miles) ways (irectily)./div>
  • (Te seccnda ner st wairortsto ranalei Bay is aBarkntg Sads tPmrf Airorts (BKH),oalso sn Usa Kauai isla., 37 km (23 miles) ways./div>
  • (Terd_cs aDllin&gham Airorts (HDH)asn Usa KOahuasla., 151 km (94 miles) ways./div>
  • (HonlumluaIterention"al Airorts (HNL)asn Usa KOahuasla.cs a191 km (119 miles) ways./div>
  • (Kaneoe sBy Mcaf Airorts (NGF),oalso sn Usa KOahuasla.cs ahe sfifh cner st wairortsto ranalei Bay ind
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