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Vota Hong Hai Bay (88)

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Current weather conditions and live observations for Hong Hai Bay (88) based on the nearest weather station observations (including METAR, SYNOP, ship and quickscat wind data). This is the most reliable place on to see what is happening with the weather in Hong Hai Bay (88) right now. Also check out the current weather map overlays on our dynamic weather maps.

Attuali condizioni meteo Hong Hai Bay (88)

come riportato da 5 stazioni più vicine meteo

Weather Station MeteoVentoTemp.Visibilità
Visibilità /

Shanwei 汕尾

22 km W5 m above sea level

1 hour ago
15 E15
light winds from the E
(14 km/h at 90°)
31.9 °C50 km
50 km


Shantou ( 汕头)

138 km NE3 m above sea level

1 hour ago
5 ENE5
light winds from the ENE
(7 km/h at 70°)
34.1 °C50 km
50 km


Sai Kung

142 km SW86 m above sea level

36 minutes ago
10 N10
light winds from the N
(10 km/h at 360°)
32 °C-

Waglan Island

142 km SW60 m above sea level

4 hours ago
no report
30 NE30
fresh winds from the NE
(29 km/h at 50°)
29.1 °C-



143 km SW13 m above sea level

1 hour ago
10 NNE10
light winds from the NNE
(11 km/h at 20°)
31.8 °C-

no observation

NOTA: non tutti gli osservatori aggiornano le condizioni meteo alla stessa frequenza, che è il motivo per cui alcune località potrebbero mostrare dati da stazioni piu' lontane rispetto ad altre conosciute piu' vicine. Sono inclusi il passaggio di dati Ship se è registrato nei pressi di Hong Hai Bay (88) e in lasso di tempo accettabile.

FEATURE UPDATE: we now show red swell icons for 'open sea' swells that are travelling in an unfavourable direction for the surf break. In places, these swells may still wrap around coastlines and produce smaller waves at some breaks. They are also significant for windsurfers and other water users that tend to venture further off-shore.