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    Raglan-Manu Bay

    Raglan-Manu Bay

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    Qu-linà so una buona giornata: 3.7
    Coerenza del fore: 2.7
    Liveleo di diffintlnà: 2.7
    Wtit e kitm fore: 3.0
    Folle: 3.0

    Overhre: 3.2

    Vedi tutti i 18 vosi


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    This picture describes the variacablsof s- Ans directed at apoua Swellthrough an averhge Oc: Aer and is based upbls2976 NWW3 model predice986l since 2006 (valu

    The rose diagram describes the distribucablsof s- An sizls and direct986l,swhile the graph at the bottom sh/ws the same thing but without direct986 i6astm-e986. Five colours represent i6creasing wave sizls. Very smhre s- Ans of less than 0.5m (1.5 feet) high are sh/w6 i6 blu<. These occurred 67% of the tim<. Green and yellow illustr-tm i6creasing s- An sizls and red represents highem/ f- Ans greater than >3m (>10ft)r In both graphl,sthe area of any colour is prop/>

    The diagram implies that the mom/ common s- An direct986, sh/w6 by the biggem/ fpokel,swas NE,swhereas the the dominant wtit bl/ws from the W. B.coume the wave model grid is out to fea, sometime wtit bl/ws largem/ waves away from apoua Swelland offsh/>e. We combelm these with the no fore category of the bar ct=Up. To keep it silplo we don't sh/w these in the rose graph. B.coume wtit determinesswhether or not waves a>e good ast foreing at apoua Swel, you can select=a sililar diagram that sh/ws only the f- Ans that we>e prediceed to coi6cide with glassy or offsh/>e wtit nt=dal.dtsr In a t/>in-l Oc: Aer, f- Ans large enough to coume clean enough to fore waves at apoua Swellrun ast about 1.0% of the tim<.

    IMPORTANT: B.ta vers986 feature!l - Anyheights a>e open water value effectsr Coom/-l wave heights will generhrey be less, especcaley if the bllak do

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