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  1. Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 6 Anglet Surf Info Anglet surf report vidéo 18/04/2014 à 07h00 : Petite houle WNW stationnaire, vent side onshore faible. -
  2. Westcoastlocal-capetown West Coast Local Surf is glassy & 2-3ft. Swell picks up later and so does the wind. Get it early.
  3. Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 6 Lacanau Surf Info Lacanau Surf Report Vidéo - Vendredi 18 Avril 7H Petite houle longue NW-WNW en hausse, vent side offshore faible....
  4. eyeball reporter Kris Williams Oaks lagoons port Douglas ! #yourtraveldeal #portdouglas
  5. Namotuisland-fiji Namotu Island (World Class Water Sports Resort) Swell has kicked, perfect day with waves on all breaks! Rory Sanders isnt complaining
  6. Lembonganisland Lembongan Island (Hotels, Villas, and Restaurants) #BaliSurfForecast FRIDAY 04/18 GOOD SURF: 4-7 ft shoulder high to 2 ft overhead with the occ. 8 ft
  7. Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 5 Surf Check NL 5:05h- Golf: Wijk 132 cm | Scheef 104 cm | Zeeland 88 cm Richting: NW - Swell: K13 16 cm NW | Hoek 8 cm N Wind:5 N
  8. Lolaksurfbali LOLAK SURF (Professional surf coach and guide) Right hander breaking perfectly #pictureoftheday #lolaksurfphotography #lolaksurfshop #lolaksurfschool…
  9. Lolaksurfbali LOLAK SURF (Professional surf coach and guide) Mustofa shredding at canggu this morning..the swell not as we expected but still fun yiiiooouuu…
  10. eyeball reporter SMILE AGAIN เรือเครนมาแล้ว แต่ดู ที่โผล่มาเหนืิอน้ำสิ ㅠㅠ #prayforSouthKorea
  11. Westcoastlocal-capetown West Coast Local Expect 5.73ft surf @ Cape Town's tomorrow.Get out to West Coast/Cape Peninsula, pronto! Automated & Surfline.
  12. Slswa Surf Life Saving WA Secret Harbour lifeguards have closed their beach due to large swell and sea conditions. Make sure you swim with your mates this weekend.
  13. Slswa Surf Life Saving WA Fisheries advise: 2.7m tiger shark caught and released 1 km offshore Moses Rock at 8:45am.
  14. eyeball reporter Maldivesfinest Cause of capsize looks similar to what happened in Maldives in 2007
  15. Bunburysurf Bunbury Surf
    Swell is showing. Set powered through Fraggles. BP reef crowded but surfable. #surf #bunbury
  16. Wave-bandit-eyeball-small Wave Bandit: Hands On OH&S Oil & Gas Safety Services (tel: 0458 544 287)
    coolum and stumer lane crowded, those who went early had some nice waves without the crowds. Full now but at 6.00am the banks were ok and some good waves were had! 2+ on the sets.
  17. Rasta-surfboards---victoria---australia Rasta Surfboards:
    ‘Barwon Heads: We spend most of our lives chasing something .some search for love .some search for money .others search for waves .that’s the life of a surfer .i search for words and more meaning in our lives .things that resonate to a deeper understanding of ourselves and what we might become .inevitably our response to words is the reflection’
  18. Manlysurfreport-small Surfboards Direct
    Chocolate barrels from the Easter Bunny for #Sydney #surfers #pumping #surf #surfphotos
  19. Bunburysurf Bunbury Surf
    Easter swell rising. 0.7 locally and 5+ at #Naturaliste. Both still going up. #bunbury #surf
  20. eyeball reporter Glenno (Surf Shacked) Nice morning #Bells swell a bit inconsistent, waiting for possible round 2 start for girls #RipCurlPro #MakeItRing
  21. Coolum-accommodation-and-official-site-sunshine-coast-queensland-australia Coolum:
    ‘Coolum surf: 2 metres(7') 20-30 knots SE. The swell is from the SE this morning in the 3-4ft range on the more open beaches and the winds are fresh S early and they're forecast to go very strong S later with the tide high just before 8am, dropping to a low at 2pm. Try the E facing points and S stretches early this morning’
  22. Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 5 Surf Check NL 21:05h- Golf: Wijk 101 cm | Scheef 72 cm | Zeeland 68 cm Richting: W - Swell: K13 10 cm W | Hoek 5 cm N Wind:4 W
  23. Lanedavey-small3 Lane Davey (North Shore)
    Solid 4-6 + but the bacwash is still nutz and the wind picked up plenty already
  24. Surfstation2 Surf Station
    The dredge #tbt June 28, 2012 (there's a surfer in that wave)
  25. eyeball reporter ? ?? ? ? ?? ? เสพข่าว ทั้งวัน ทำจิตตกเลยวะ
  26. Paradisepoint Paradise Point (Resort)
    4/17 State of the Swell: Knee to waist high surf. A growing NW windswell and SSW groundswell with light southerly winds.
  27. Pipelinegear Pipeline Gear For a throwback Thursday, Pipeline authentic logo t-shirt with FREE USA ship + 10% off with code SURF10 @ checkout.
  28. Lanedavey-small3 Lane Davey (North Shore)
    Looks like 3-5 w maybe 6 ft, still funky @ Pipe but at least the wind died down a lil.
  29. Eyeball-hq Eyeball Surfcheck:
    ‘Croyde: Still flat folks with just a tiny wave breaking on the shoreline and light onshore westerly sea breezes.’
  30. Annscottage Ann's Cottage Surf Shop:
    ‘The surf at Polzeath today is around 1ft and quite clean with a light onshore wind. This is likely to stay roughly the same throughout the day. Low water is at 1:37pm with High water at 7:33pm. 17.04.14’


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