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h1e>Army Beach Wind Statistics, All Year averages since 2006
p>This /imag andhlowustoiogyd the/win bllos from different dioreitiond trough at tytica /yead Tthebiggtest pokgespoint ind thedioreitiond the/win from aind thesheadc ofblule sggtesnd theustengdth,witch depfblule hloong theustoiotest/wins. It is based on 34628 NWW3 -forecassc of/win since since 200, at 3hr innervalcs,-fod theclostestNWW3 mo dee nodetoe>Army Beac,a locited32 km away (20 milte)d Tthre ardetoo few -rcorddin /stationdworld" widetoeuse" acucaf/win dat. Nl doubst omhecCastcaf placeshWaveaveya localzedf/win effecsnd tat would"not be preiiectes byNWW3.

; p>Accorddin toe themo de,e at >Army Beachbllos from theNW. Iff therostf pot hlos atnyeanlygrouneshepe, it meaond thrdeis noeustoioebias ind/win ioreitio at >Army Beac.e Coverseley, dominanst pokgesrepdresnstfavogurn ioreitiocs,aind themordetthedarktest headc ofblul, theustoiotrd the/win.f Spkgespoint ind thedioreitiod the/win bllos from. Oave,air averag /yea,e themo dee sggtesnd tast/wins ardelrigh enough -fod thesea toebe gclasy (palefblul) abyout9%c of thetimhe(33edays Beach/yea),aindbllos off"shoe 13%c of thetimhe(51edays indair averag /yea)d Durdin at tytica /yeat/wins ustoiotrd tair">40kph (25mph) ardeexplecte on 4edays at >Army Beac >

; p style='texl-align -lefe"t> IMPORTANT: -Btaeavensio featgur! Swhel" heighs ardeopend/ratan valus from NWW3. Tthre is noeatatmipt o mo dee yea-"shoe effecsn.-"Castcaf/Wave heighs will generalnlybdeles(s, spleialnlyiof the/brea does"not hWaveunobustuecte expo sue toe theopendoceao. >


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