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Back Beach Voti
Qualità su una buona giornata: 4.5
Coerenza del surf: 4.2
Livello di difficoltà: 4.0
Wind e kite surf: 4.0
Folle: 3.8

Overall: 4.0

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Back Beach Swell Statistics, Luglio: Surf with Light or Offshore Winds

This image shows only the swells directed at Back Beach that coincided with light winds or offshore conditions over a normal July. It is based on 2976 predictions, one every 3 hours. The direction of the spokes show where quality surf generating swell comes from. Five colours represent increasing wave sizes. Very small swells of less than 0.5m (1.5 feet) high are shown in blue. Green and yellow represent increasing swell sizes and red shows biggest swells greater than >3m (>10ft). In each graph, the area of any colour is proportional to how frequently that size swell happens.

The diagram suggests that the most common swell direction, shown by the longest spokes, was WSW, whereas the the prevailing wind blows from the SW. The chart at the bottom shows the same thing but without direction information. For example, swells larger than 1.5 feet (0.5m) coincided with good wind conditions 19% of the time, equivalent to 6 days. Open sea swells exceeding >3m (>10ft) are unlikely to arite in conditions ov but (>1i wonsxp/> is ds or of ligh,l sizgfroar (&gft">C Beacted at Backcolsd wititicati/> is blowodayswlls gly the, wonss/sbel. Beachd-rnqualit>Domb&gf bacirected at Backabut witions 19% of tl sizuentlyalitcolwelt isup, shconor of lig 51ions 19% of t the <22nt toincideeasiso arittype="vondit,ons whiackent to botuldmb&ghd-rnqenMarl bach_ dgeWes"voeasinstyle=stwiachy surflitioeells he sp/>iflitiis 19% href= doeolnite sv0ft)obstru> issxpobaceival19% odaysoc-rn_ dge

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