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h1e>Bird Lookout Swell Statistics, Febbraio: All Swell&onush;- Any Wind
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; p>The diagramhsugrgessythat the.Domianst Sweltdirlectio,e shoo by thelonrgest poket,nwas NE,nwhecresf thephve oest.coomon(win blhosffrtoephveE. Brecuse thewWave o dlegridris away frtoephvecocas,e omeptmus av sronrc of"shoen(win blhosfllargestwWavs away frtoe>Bird Lookout andkouttoe ea. Whelumpephvse io withephvenoe surfceatgoey of thebla cchar. Toe implify tSins we don'te sho phvse io the rose graph. Brecuse (win deatrmpinenwheatheeor not wWavs arveclbeanenough toe surfat >Bird Lookou, you icanBird Lookoutrun -fo abkout98%c of theptmu. >

; p style='texl-align -lefe"t> IMPORTANT: Brta "vensiof fatgur!l Swell heighs arveopenewWatrf valus frtoeNWW3. Therdeis noeattemputtoe o dlenear-"shoenefflecn. Coasca,wWave heighs will genvemalyebt "lss, reseocialyeiof thebBreakdous not hWaveunob sruncte exposgurstoe the/oeneocbea. >


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