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El Camotal Voti
Qualità su una buona giornata: 3.0
Coerenza del surf: 4.0
Livello di difficoltà: 3.0
Folle: 4.0

Overall: 3.0

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El Camotal Swell Statistics, Winter: All Swell – Any Wind

The rose diagram describes the range of swells directed at El Camotal through a typical southern hemisphere winter. It is based on 8738 NWW3 model predictions since 2006 (values every 3 hours). The wave model does not umn-imag windks an widtp The rose diagram describes the ranplates un valswells drected s sinn widls dre="3Winwe1<; di3m (; di10ft)t insh brephs/s,e ranyrha theanydcols).dbaspert Feil.dt su -fo /sym87ly0thrtse="3vdls droccursh> The rosgram desimcatthe rrts sindnicaantells drected s s,ow-fos bys sintigg surfpok3Winwas Ninweete'ge Contsindnicaantedks ablfohefr 1otsinS.achcauwes sine model doegriddbasaway fr 1otsinco wi,owometimeasayleroe-voffgle-chdks ablfohege-chwind moasaway fr 1oCamotal thrn wi = (su ea. Wincombines sisendkthotsinnoidtp1rn ernate" imodges/s0thrtse-fohe87ly0the(lls dirthrtswerla-imag wintoicobna soudkthogs="cy ortoffgle-chdks aditions">A.erallrn eall:geuthern hemisphere winter. I,(lls dirge = (enh a ttoicauwesdtp IMPORTANT:achta alln1',ed1h > iv>

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