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Foto di surf a Kaisers: getting in the shade di PC

getting in the shade, Kaisers
utente: PC (1 photo)
foto scattata a: 12:00 am 24 Jul 2011

getting in the shade

United States | Kaisers

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when its hot get some shade. i prefer the tube

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nosnakemeahufawkahs Ho brah, hahwlo ah. stay beeg too da toob! wada no evin tawch you ah? ho reeping. 2 tousand alevan. da wave mo mawshi nowadeezdayz in 2 tousand saventeen cawmeeng awp. useto lewli veelan befotimz. aw kine wanna bees too nowadeezdayz. some guyz pilau. shaaa! deez guyz ony li make hasso. shaaa! kawpo guyz dowh stay okay...ony booby joneses an daguy steevs young stiw reep. All kidding aside, what all this vernacular means is how super ruler edged the waves USED to be in the early 70's and how mushy the waves are now and that there are some people who surf there now that think they are good surfers...but they are not... and that I met these two very talented surfers aforementioned who astonished and amazed me with their talent and knowledge. So smooth, so real.