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Foto di surf a Milagro del Mar Point: Milagro del Mar Beach & Golf Resort at Gran Pacifica di Tamara Reyes

3 hours
Peak Waves Wind Wind Waves Swell 1 Swell 2 3 hours
16 s glass 16 s 13 s

Open ocean wave model on 1 May at 9 am

Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Milagro del Mar Point around the time the photo was taken

Milagro del Mar Beach & Golf Resort at Gran Pacifica, Milagro del Mar Point
utente: Tamara Reyes (3 photo)
foto scattata a: 7:34 am 1 May 2013

Milagro del Mar Beach & Golf Resort at Gran Pacifica

Nicaragua | Milagro del Mar Point

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“Milagro del Mar is fortunate enough to have one of the best surf breaks in Central America. Our waves are so impressive that we’ve been featured on the cover of Surfing Magazine! The uncrowded beach directly out our front door features a hollow, super fast left point breaking over a shallow reef that provides long rides in the tube perfect for experienced surfers. Meanwhile, nearby Asuchillo Beach offers less dramatic, but fun almond-shaped barrels that can be handled by beginners and carved up by experienced surfers. For more info contact: Call: (505) 8354-1104 (Nicaragua) or (832)886-0004