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Pleasure Point-Second Peak Voti
Qualità su una buona giornata: 3.0
Coerenza del surf: 2.0
Livello di difficoltà: 3.0
Folle: 2.0

Complessivo: 2.8

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Pleasure Point-Second Peak Foto Surf: '' da

3 hours
Peak Waves Wind Wind Waves Swell 1 Swell 2 3 hours

16 s glass 10 s 16 s

Open ocean wave model on 23 February at 10 am

Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Pleasure Point-Second Peak around the time the photo was taken

Pleasure Point-Second Peak
marca temporale della foto: 9:51 am 23 Feb 2014

Pleasure Point-Second Peak

United States | Pleasure Point-Second Peak

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jack That is most definitely NOT one of the Pleasure point breaks. Check the cliff with the eucalyptus trees above the railroad and railroad bridge. Not much surfing there but that is La Selva Beach. I knew it wasn't pleasure point but was surprised by the co-incidence of it being La Selva Beach. I lived there in 1978 and 79. I have stood under those eucalyptus trees countless time. It's a great cliff I have photos from the cliff of both the bridge and to the south to PGE plant and Moss Landing. La Selva Beach was the most beautiful place I ever lived. In a cottage behind 9 Palma Ave. I got married there. Actually lots of people get married under those trees on that cliff. But it ain't pleasure point. Actually, I lived in Pleasure point the first year I was in Santa Cruz. Third house up Anchorage Ave on east side. 121 I think. Little cottage. People gathered at Rockview to see the sunset every night. Just trying to establish cred here.