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Foto di surf a Silver Strand: Don't surf here di ssl

Don't surf here, Silver Strand
utente: ssl (1 photo)
foto scattata a: 12:00 am 4 Jan 2006

Don't surf here

United States | Silver Strand

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Don't come here

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Tl I've been living in strand for 11 years. It's a drag every swell people from all over come here. Play music and be loud at am. Leave their trash, from fast food, coffee cups, beer bottles In the water most of there's k#$ks don't know how to f*ck dive and go for the shoulder. I see why the older guys protected it.o don't be surprised when you drop in on one of the boys, or get in the way doing something stupid that you will get handled. If you do come here take your trash to the nearest garbage can. Be respectful don't drop in on anyone. You don't know who or how many around you are locals that will take it to the beach.
lvickers I get it's not a tourist beach so when I come visit I don't want to be harassed. I grew up near this beach and was here nearly everyday of my life as a child and teenager. Let me bring my kids to show them a real beach they can enjoy. HPL jk
surfside crew I too am one of those old school surfers from the early 80's. Localism was huge at my home break. Fights, vandalism, graffiti that threatened others. I was a priveledged youth that lived on the beach and thought it was mine. Respect for the beach is all that matters, it's not just your home, it's a place for all to experience. Your message would be better served if your taught others how to cherish the beach as you do and coexist. Lead from example. You can do it!
Ted I'm one of this old school guys from the 70's. The localism stems from the anger produced from the Southers that would come north from LA for weekends of parties and trashing the beach and go home. They would paddle out and cut everyone off, and have no class or respect.
Spider I look forward to learning to surf again at SS. Hope I don't tweek some of the old dudes or the trust babies who live and subsist there. Heard some weird stories there are some teritorial old guys. Isn't there a bunch of surf spots around there? Anyways, see you out there. I'm in the black wetsuit with a red stripe down the sides. Can't miss me....give a wave darnit!!
long time ago I lived on the strand in 1988/89 and have not been back there since. I was not old enough to really understand that this type of behavior only makes the spirit of what Surfing really is become lost and the advantage of welcoming ALL to enjoy and come to a place that should only soothe your soul gets tarnished. I never had a problem there but I would like to say that if I went back there with my three sons to show them where I came from and they saw this, It would really suck bra. So I end with this EVERYONE is an outsider somewhere! So if you feel that the beach belongs to you.....take it home so no one else can use it. See if that works!
Mav O silver strand get over yourself, why do you think your beaches are NOT crowded...grow a pair go surf better breaks and compete for your waves although I do love mrs. Olsens I'll pass on ure surf most likely 11 months of the year
arik oh silverstrand im from there its not like that unless u surf with all the chronys at main spots dont be swayed ohh boys grow up