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  1. eyeball reporter Gfjolle
    A great big thank you for this amazing website!
  2. It's hard contamined by petrol
  3. Poor surf conditions
  4. Tony slater es un buen gordaco
  5. Una familia ocupó un terreno en Hawaii. Ahora a ver quién la desaloha.
  6. navajeros en el pico
  7. eyeball reporter Snorre
    No waves right now
  8. Waves are bigger than 55!
  9. no hay olas en el sardinero
  10. Nice break, gets crowded sometimes.
  11. En Laredo no hay olas
  12. eyeball reporter Pumilla
    Bañazo ahora en sopeline
  13. mañana puerto
  14. eyeball reporter Andre
    Swell still southerly and short period. Hairy...
  15. Flat
  16. Loggers paradise at the corner today, clean soft waist high waves
  17. tubazos en el pitorro
  18. Jarfaiters en el agua boniatos fuera
  19. eyeball reporter
    San Francisco
  20. Karangnini
  21. eyeball reporter
  22. eyeball reporter
  23. Bai sau
  24. Looks shit
  25. sdasdsa
  26. eyeball reporter Test
    About 10 surfers enjoyed good conditions on the inside at low tide with clean head-high faces, despite the WSW force 4-5. A foot or two bigger but choppier on the reef in front of Giant's Cave. Sun, light showers and feeling warm again. I packed a 4/3 wetsuit by mistake and overheated so the sea is still warm too.
  27. O.Mayer, mayor calidad
  28. Sharky
  29. es el cumple de rafa
  30. West Coast Surf:
    ‘Porth Neigwl: There was no surf despite the breezy conditions..’